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In its steps to build new partnerships in Indonesia, CCPHI collaborates with media partners in building awareness for organizations to build partnerships that have an impact on the surrounding community in particular and society in general.

For the Media Program, currently CCPHI has collaborated with The Jakarta Post through the concept of the Community Partnerships page, a column in Kompas Klass and a microsite on SHNet. These cooperation programs contain writings from observers or experts on Corporate–Community Partnership or Corporate Social Responsibility accompanied by sharing experiences and success stories of companies and/or NGOs that have run their partnership programs. Partnerships in this special page not only involve organizations that are members of CCPHI partnership forums but are also open to other organizations in general.

Freeport - Kemitraan Terpadu untuk Pengendalian Malaria di Papua - British Council - Keeping Nyambu Authentic, Natural as Ecotourism Village - Indosat Ooredoo - Addressing Health Issues Among Under served Communities in Isolated Area; Network Cruicial in Social and Humanitarian Services - British Council - Developing Nyambu Village into an Ecotourism Destination; Unlocking Village Potential - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) - Good Nutrition Entails Safe Drinking Water; Helping Villagers have Access to Safe Drinking Water - Micro Nutrient Initiatives - Combating Malnutrition to Prevent Stunting ; Ensuring Pregnant Women, Children are Well Nourished - British Council and Bank Mandiri - Revitalization of Local Wisdoms: Is it Possible?; Building Sustainable and Self-reliant Tourism - British Council - Keeping non-Profit Organizations Running and Sustainable; Arts, Creative and Tourism Organizations: Time to Grow - Mondelez - Community Subject or Object; Empowering Vulnerable Households to Combat Malnutrition - Eisai Indonesia - Puskesmas Ready to Combat Filariasis in Endemic Regions; Partnership Crucial to Filariasis Elimination Program - GE - Tackling Health Problems in Remote Areas with CSR; Empowering Puskesmas Through Pencerah Nusantara - GE - Ensuring Safety of Mothers and Babies through SMSBunda; Making Impact on People - Freeport Indonesia - Mimika’s Way of Combating Malaria - Tanoto Foundation - Improving Livelihood of Smallholders through Partnership; Tanoto Foundation Supports Sustainability through Education - Mondelez - Ensuring Sustainable Cocoa Farming in Indonesia - Sarihusada - Stunting Remains Concern that Needs to be Tackled Effectively; Sarihusada Aims to Grow Business and Enhance its Social Mission - CCPHI - Why is Flexibility is a Working Mother’s Best Friend; Collaborative Endeavors Needed to Empower Dementia-sufferers - Nestlé - Protecting Future Generation through Sustainable Agricultural Practices; Sudarto; Fostering Prosperity through Dairy Farming - CCPHI - Partnership Pivotal for Effective development; Proper Implementation key to Successful Community Partnership Program -