CCPHI was set to respond and mobilize resources in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Social, economy and environment are the pillars of sustainable development. Achieving these goals requires resources that can reach more communities, and consequently requires the involvement of all stakeholders.




To become a leading organization towards sustainable partnership.




  • Facilitating and advocating partnership by engaging multi stakeholders
  • Promoting evidence-based partnership including lessons learned and best practices
  • Building knowledge center
  • Strengthening community empowerment




  • Facilitation and Consultation

    CCPHI facilitates partnerships among stakeholders. CCPHI helps partners to identify the right partner in building partnership, implement partnership programs and evaluate the impact of partnership.

  • Trust Building

    CCPHI facilitates Partnership Forum, Partners’ Dialogue, and special interest meetings to promote messages that engender trust among partners.

  • Knowledge Building: Case Studies and best practices

    CCPHI documents and uses existing partnership experiences to increase learning on how to build and sustain partnership.

  • Skills Building: Tools and Education Program

    CCPHI builds skills among partners through training program, and tools development such as how to find the right partner, how to communicate among stakeholders, and how to develop metrics to measure partnership needs, monitor progress, and share inspired results.




  • Partnership Forums with over 270 organizations representing companies, NGOS, associations and academic institutions.
  • Collaboration with government such as MDGs Office, Bappenas (Ministry of National and Development Planning), KPAN (National AIDS Commission), Kemenkes (Ministry of Health), Kemenpora (Ministry of Youth & Sport), Kemdikbud (Ministry of Education & Culture).
  • Management of funding from donors including international organization, companies, and foundation.
  •  Roundtable discussions on specific issues including education, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and reproductive health.
  • Executive Program for Sustainable Partnership (EPSP), a training program for leaders from public, private and non-profit sectors to improve their ability to create, develop effective partnership (in collaboration with Paramadina University)



  • Facilitating dialogue
  • Building and designing

    - Sustainable Program 
    - Social Investigation 
    - Partner Relations 
    - Monitoring and Evaluating 
    - Documenting success story

  • Building collaboration with media (print, TV and digital media)
  • Developing applicable partnership-forum model and tools
  • Advocating Public-Private Partnership for development issues
  • Providing technical assistance



CCPHI team and board members have extensive experience working with organizations in all sectors on a range of development challenges including health, education, diversity, gender equality, and community development.


Team Members

  • Dian Rosdiana, Executive Director
  • Anita Kastubi, Communication Officer
  • Christie Natasha, Executive Assistant
  • Dessy Andriyani, Program Assistant

Supervisory and Advisory Board

  • Sri Indrastuti Hadiputranto, Senior Partner; Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners a member firm of Baker & McKenzie International.
  • Catharina Widjaja, Managing Director PT Alun Alun Indonesia Kreasi & Director PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk.
  • Aristides Katoppo, Current Chairman and former Editor of Sinar Harapan newspaper; and Chairman Board of Trustees of United in Diversity Forum.
  • Meiwita Budiharsana, a Lecturer at Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia; and a Consultant on reproductive health research and evaluation.
  • Serena Karlita Ferdinandus, Group Head of Internal Audit; Ithaca Resources, a holding company of mining consulting and marketing services, coal infrastructure and coal mine
  • Zemmy Tanumihardja, Finance and Accounting Consultant.