EPSP Batch 4

About EPSP Batch 4

Executive Program for Sustainable Partnership (EPSP) is an executive course offered by Paramadina University, in close collaboration with CCPHI, and supported by Ford Foundation.

The fourth batch of EPSP ran from August until November 2016, and participated by 23 executives representing the government, companies, and NGOs—the three key sectors of a successful and sustainable partnership. Participants of EPSP Batch 4 were expected to build partnership among those three sectors, plus the recipient communities, in order to accelerate government programs to improve the quality of livelihood within the framework of sustainable development.

At the end of this executive program, all participants presented their prototypes of partnership, which were program designs based on their findings in the field. The prototype presented had been designed within the framework of sustainable development. Hopefully, these prototypes would be implemented by the three key stakeholders.





  • Andrie Darusman – DAYA Head, BTPN
  • Ardina Yunita Kartikasari – Senior Producer, CNN Indonesia
  • Aris Supriyanto – Business Development Manager, PD PAL Jaya
  • Jagar Colbert Siburian – Senior Program Manager, PT. Aetra Air Jakarta
  • Puteradi Kurniawan – Regional Marketing Manager, PT. Fast Food Tbk.
  • Rozan Anwar – President Commissioner, Daya Dimensi Indonesia
  • Sari Esayanti – Superintendent, PT Freeport Indonesia
  • Yudi Irawan – Legal Manager, PDAM Prov. DKI Jakarta
  • Valentinus Hartadi – Project Manager & Managing Editor, Kompas KLASS
  • Wahyu Irfan – Manager of CSR, PT. Elnusa Tbk.


Non-Profit Organizations


  • Adi Pratama – Program Manager, Indonesia Global Compact Network
  • Bowo Witjaksono Suhardjo – Strategic Collaborator, Yayasan Generasi Hebat
  • D’karlo Purba – Program Director, ADRA Indonesia
  • Laily Hanifah – Executive Director, Yayasan Mitra Inti
  • Mundi Mahaswiati Program Manager, Yayasan Kusuma Buana
  • Rahmi Hidayati Communication & Programme Campaign Director, Yayasan LENTARI
  • Ratri Wuryandari – CEO, Ancora Foundation
  • Rayani R. Doodoh Business Development Program Officer, AVI Indonesia


Government Agencies


  • Ahmad Yudistira – Expert Staff of Directorate for Government and Private Cooperation, National Development Planning Agency
  • Erna Kartikasari – Section Head of Internal Communication and Public Service Information, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education
  • Indriana Nugraheni – Manager, Secretariat of SDGs National Development Planning Agency
  • Novana Putri – Directorate Head of Individual Practice Directorate Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health.
  • Yaya Sutarya - Section Head of America-Europe, Ministry of Education and Culture.



Resource Persons:





Abdullah Azwar Anas, Regent of Banyuwangi



Abdullah Azwar Anas or known as Anas, is a Regent of Banyuwangi since 2010. During his administration, Anas has launched various programs that changed the face of Banyuwangi on Indonesia map, such as inaugurate the new Blimbingsari airport that provides easy access to Banyuwangi, organized innovative events such as Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival, Banyuwangi Jazz Festival, Tour de Ijen and others.

Anas received a lot of academic and professional awards, and under his leadership Banyuwangi won many awards for the environment, education, arts and culture, tourism, economy, regional innovation, cooperation, health, agriculture, public accountability, information technology and others.

Anas earned his Bachelor’s degrees from the Faculty of Education Technology, Teachers' Training Institute, and from the Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia, and also a Master’s degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Indonesia.




Dinna Wisnu, Ph.D, Director, Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy & Paramadina Graduate Schools



She co-founded the first graduate school of diplomacy in Indonesia at Paramadina University, “Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy”. She also serves as the Director of Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy & Director of Paramadina Graduate Schools (managing the business unit of Paramadina University).

Her area of specialization is international political economy, with focus on social welfare policies, the political economy of development, labor and industrial relations, and also diplomacy. As an academic, Dinna had been invited to teach some topic of lectures in SunKyun Hwan University and Sogang University in South Korea, Spelman College in Atlanta USA, the Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Bank of Indonesia, particularly on the topic of international political economy and diplomacy.

She writes regularly on newspapers (Seputar Indonesia every Wednesday on page 1, the Jakarta Post, Kompas and as requested by local & foreign media), speaks on TV and radios on topics related to international political economy and diplomacy, also quoted on various international media such as China’s People Daily, the Associated Press, Channel News Asia, etc.




Prof. Dr. Emil Salim - Economist, Intellectual






Prof. Dr. Emil Salim is a highly-respected economist, intellectual, and development guru. Mr. Salim is a recipient of the distinguished The Leader for the Living Planet Award from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the world’s most influential and largest independent conservation organization. He is also the recipient of the Blue Planet Prize in 2006 from the Asahi Glass Foundation. In 1994, when he completed his government post as State Minister of the Environment and Population, he and several of his colleagues, established Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati (Yayasan KEHATI), an NGO in the field of environmental and bio-diversity conservation.



Erna Witoelar, former UN Special Ambassador for MDGs




Erna Witoelar is the former Minister of Settlement and Regional Development of the National Unity Cabinet, she had been a UN special Ambassador for MDGs in Asia Pacific.


Erna Witoelar is also on the Board in several NGOs such as Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (KEHATI), Yayasan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (YPB), and Dana Mitra Lingkungan (DML). Currently she is also leading the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium (APPC), Local Government Innovation Foundation (YIPD), and co-chair of the Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWF). She is the co-founder and was the Executive Director of the Indonesian Forum for Environment (WALHI) and President of International Consumers and the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI).





Judith Dipodiputro, Leader, Pokja Papua



In a span of more than 30 years, Judith J. Dipodiputro has focused her career in the fields of communication, community development, empowerment and public diplomacy. She has held senior positions in private sector (Vice President, Total E&P Indonesie), Government (Senior Advisor to several regional governments), civil society (founder of several foundations and civil society organizations) and media (Chief Editor of the Daily Executive Digest, now defunct). She knows all four corners of Indonesia, has travelled extensively.


She believes that to succeed one needs vision, perseverance and passion; and that to be truly excellent one must have integrity.


Judith J. Dipodiputro currently leads POKJA PAPUA, a foundation working on creating sustainable solutions for women and marginalized communities through multi-stakeholder engagement, especially in Papua and East Papua.


She is an advocate in Indonesia’s fight against corruption, and stands for nature





Silverius Oscar Unggul (Onte) - Founder, Yayasan Cinta Alam







Silverius Oscar Unggul, better known as Onte, is the founder of Yascita and Executive Director of JAUH (Jaringan Untuk Hutan), one of the leading NGOs working to promote community-based sustainable logging.

His idea about “konglomerasi sosial” or “social conglomeration”, a simple concept about multi-stakeholder economy, put him as one of Social Entrepreneur of The Year chosen by Ernst and Young in 2008. In 2009, Onte was elected as a Young Global Leader (YGL) from World Economic Forum, and for that, he was invited to attend their annual meeting in Davos. In 2010 Onte, through his work with Telapak, was elected as Skoll Social Entrepreneur at Skoll World Forum in Oxford. Onte was elected as Ashoka Fellow-one of the biggest network of social entrepreneurs of the world, also was appointed as Country Chair of Global Dignity Day, a global movement initiated by the Crown Prince of Norway, Haakon.

Now, Onte work together with Trisakti University to run Magister in Management in Community Entrepreneurship.








Gallery EPSP Batch 4




Introduction session on EPSP batch 4. @CCPHI 2016


Abdullah Azwar Anas the Regent of Banyuwangi explain about partnership in government perspective. ©CCPHI 2016.







Prof Emil Salim giving his session on Sustainable Development. ©CCPHI 2016


Paramadina University Rector Prof Firmanzah, PhD pose with participants after giving a lecture on leadership & teamwork. ©CCPHI 2016.







Erna Witoelar with participants EPSP batch 4 after her session on “Global Goals”. @CCPHI 2016.


EPSP Batch 4 group photo during Inauguration Day at Paramadina Graduate School. ©CCPHI 2016.