EPSP Batch 1

About EPSP Batch 1

Executive Program for Sustainable Partnership (EPSP) is an executive education, organized under the collaboration between Paramadina University and CCPHI with support from Ford Foundation.

The first batch of EPSP was held on November 2014 – January 2015 and participated by 16 executives representing the government, companies, and NGOs—the three key sectors of a successful and sustainable partnership. The accomplishment of EPSP Batch 1 will be followed with Batch 2, scheduled between May and August 2015.

Participants of EPSP Batch 1 were executives representing government agencies, corporations and NGOs, expected to build partnership among those three sectors and with communities to accelerate government’s programs to improve the quality of livelihood within the framework of sustainable development.

By the end of the program, the participants presented their prototype of partnership, which was a design based on their findings in the field. The presented prototype were designed within the framework of sustainable development. These prototypes are expected to be implemented by the three sectors as part of the stakeholders.




  • Basrie Kamba – Director of Communications and External Affairs, PT. Vale Indonesia
  • Chaerany Putri – Founder & Managing Director, Gerakcepat.com
  • Esther Sianipar – Community Affairs Manager, Microsoft Indonesia
  • Juliana – Assistant Manager EDP & CSR, PT. Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk.
  • Maria Kurniawati – Chief Administration Officer, PT. Trakindo Utama
  • Riyadi Suparno – Executive Director, Jakarta Post

Non-Profit Organizations 

  • A. Fajar Kurniawan – President Director, Indonesia Student & Youth Forum
  • Betania Jezamine Setiawan – Project Coordinator, Emil Salim Center
  • Charles Mekardi Ham – Senior Advisor, HOPE Worldwide
  • Dian Rosdiana – Communication Officer, CCPHI
  • Friech Marckle Greeber – Project Manager Rumah FAYE, Yayasan DEL 
  • Lukman Hakim Moeslich – CSR Program Manager, Tanoto Foundation
  • Ramdani Sirait – Executive Director, Indonesia Business Coalition on AIDS
  • Ratih S. Aprilijanti – Consultant, IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative

Government Agencies

  • Asep Eka Nur Hidayat – Planning Coordinator, National AIDS Commission
  • Hendri Yani – Governance Section Head, Regency Government of East Belitung

Resource Persons:



Anies Baswedan, PhD - Minister of Education and Culture



Prior to becoming the Minister of Education and Culture, Anies held the position of Rector of Paramadina University. He co-founded the highly popular Indonesia Mengajar (Indonesia Teach) movement. Anies earned his PhD degree from Northern Illinois University, Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, and a degree in Business Management from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. He is the recipient of several distinguished awards such as the 2010 Yasuhiro Nakasone Awards, the 50 Distinguished NIU Alumni Awards, The Bina Antar Budaya Award (AFS Indonesia), Fulbright Scholarship, the 2004 Gerald Maryanov Fellow from Northern Illinois University, Indonesian Cultural Foundation Scholarship in New York, and William P. Cole III Fellowship from the University of Maryland. He was also awarded the JAL Scholarship to attend Summer Session of Asian Studies at Sophia University, Tokyo, when he was a student at Gadjah Mada University.



Bima Arya Sugiarto Ph.D - Mayor of Bogor


While running the municipality government of Bogor, Bima can still find the time to teach International Relations at Paramadina University for undergrad and grad students. In addition to being a consultant and entrepreneur, Bima is also known as a motivator: he has inspired people with innovative and creative ideas. At the age of 26, Bima obtained his Master’s degree in Development Studies from Monash University, Australia, and launched his career as lecturer with the Faculty of Social & Political Sciences, Parahyangan University, Bandung. In 2001 Bima moved to Jakarta to join Paramadina University. In 2002 he secured a doctoral scholarship from the Australian government, with which he completed his study by 2006.




Desi Anwar - Senior Journalist/Host, Metro TV


Desi started her exemplary works in journalism and broadcasting back in 1990. She launched her career by joining RCTI (Indonesia's first independent TV station) as pioneer TV reporter, anchor, and then became its executive producer of prime-time news bulletins Seputar Indonesia, breakfast news Nuansa Pagi, and current affairs magazine 'Liputan Khusus'.

Desi then joined Metro TV as a consultant and trainer when this station started to operate in 2000. Desi was responsible for Metro TV's overall business strategy, marketing tools development, networking, strategic partnership, and new revenue streams development. She leads a strategic development team of 50 people.

Desi is a passionate traveler, avid amateur photographer and prolific writer, who has exhibited and published her works in photography and books on travels: “A Romantic Journey” and “Tweets for Life”.




Prof. Dr. Emil Salim - Economist, Intellectual


Prof Dr Emil Salim is a highly-respected economist, intellectual, and development guru. Emil is a recipient of the distinguished The Leader for the Living Planet Award from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), the world’s most influential and largest independent conservation organization. He is also the recipient of the Blue Planet Prize in 2006 from the Asahi Glass Foundation. In 1994, when he completed his government post as State Minister of the Environment and Population, Emil and several of his colleagues, established Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati (Yayasan KEHATI), an NGO in the field of environmental and bio-diversity conservation. 




Felia Salim - Vice President Director, PT Bank Negara Indonesia


Felia is an economist, professional and social activist. Since 2008, she served as Commissioner of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and later as Vice President Director.

Felia is also a social activist with the Sejati Foundation. She was involved in documenting the local wisdom of Papua, Sulawesi and Maluku for three years. She was TIFA Foundation Acting Executive Director on Partnership for Governance Reform in 2002, before moving up to become a member of its Board of Supervisors in 2003. Felia was also a member of the Advisory Board of AusAIDS’s Financial Governance Technical Support, and a member of the Board of Directors of Partnership for Governance Reform.



Milawarma - President Director, PT Bukit Asam Tbk


Milawarma was appointed as President Director of PT. Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) in 2011. He transformed PTBA from previously a pure coal mining company into environmentally friendly energy company by developing renewable energy. Milawarma received many awards, among others: one of the Best CEO 2014 by SWA magazine (with Dunamis and Ipphos), The Best CEO Listed Company 2014 (Business Review Award), The Best Green CEO 2014 (Warta Ekonomi), The Most Inspirational CEO 2014 (Men's Obsession magazine), The Best Entrepreneur 2014 (Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award/APEA 2014).  




Nico Kanter - President & CEO, PT Vale Indonesia Tbk


Prior to the position of President Director & CEO of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk, Nico was the Country Head of BP Indonesia. He has more than 28 years of excellent career in oil and gas industry, and has experience in leading and managing people in various areas of responsibilities including legal, supply chain management, operations, human resources, security, as well as communication and external relations. In the last 10 years, he has provided coaching to corporate executives at all level in the industry on leadership, communications and intercultural issues. He is a certified coach from CTA, Oregon & Corporate Coaching International based in LA. 




Sinta Sirait - Executive, APINDO


Sinta is a well-known professional with various sets of expertise in corporate communications, strategic communications, CSR, organizational development, human resources development & transformation, corporate strategy for mining company, industrial relations, government relations, and media relations. Sinta received her Bachelor’s degree in Math and Sciences from Universitas Indonesia and she earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, in Denver, Colorado. 



Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, MBA - Founder, Mayapada Group


Dato’ Tahir is an Indonesian entrepreneur, banking & property magnate, and philanthropist. He is the founder of the Mayapada Group of companies, which encompasses banking/financial, print media, premium TV, property, hospital and duty free shopping businesses.

He received many awards from prestigious, national and international institutions, among others are Chancellor Citation from University of California at Berkeley, California; Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 from Ernst & Young, and All Asian Leader Magazine; also Lifetime Achievement award for Business Leadership & Financial Service 2013 from World Chinese Economic Forum; and Satyalancana Wira Karya from the President of Indonesia.




Tanri Abeng - CEO, OSO Group


Tanri currently is a CEO of OSO Group, a multinational company in mining and energy, trading, plantation, transportation, hotels and property. He previously held several other prominent positions, including President Commissioner of Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk; PT Sepatu BATA; President Director and President Commissioner of PT Multi Bintang Indonesia; President Director of PT Bakrie and Brothers; and President Commissioner of PT British American Tobacco Indonesia. He was elected to the People's Assembly of Republic of Indonesia before becoming Minister of State Enterprises in 1998.

A graduate of Hasanuddin University, he earned his Master's degree in Business Administration from State University of New York, Buffalo, and completed the Advanced Management Program from Claremont Graduate School in Los Angeles.



Gallery EPSP Batch 1 



EPSP 1st day class with Dato' Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, MBA - the Founder of Mayapada Group and Tahir Foundation shares his experiences in philanthropic activities with EPSP participants.  ©CCPHI November 2014.


EPSP 2nd day class with Dr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan, Ph.D – Minister of Education and Culture during Sharing Knowledge session; and Prof. DR. Emil Salim – Former Minister of the Environment and professor of economics, addressing the topic of “Sustainable Development”. ©CCPHI November 2014.




EPSP 3rd day class with Desi Anwar - Senior Anchor, TV Journalist and Producer, Writer, Photographer, Media & Communications Specialist as resource person in “Effective Communications”. ©CCPHI November 2014.


EPSP 3rd day class with Tanri Abeng - Former Minister of State-owned Enterprises, and CEO, OSO Group, on “Creative & Innovation”. ©CCPHI November 2014.





EPSP 4th day class with Milawarma – President Director of PT Bukit Asam Tbk, gives his insight in “Organizational Behavior”. ©CCPHI November 2014.


EPSP Batch 1 had a group photos after the inauguration ceremony at Paramadina Graduate School, which was attended by Anies Baswedan (Minister of Education and Culture), Prof Firmanzah, PhD (Rector of Paramadina University), and representatives of other partner organizations. ©CCPHI January 2015.