Building Knowledge

CCPHI helps organizations learn from their peers about how to partner.

We develop tools to help organizations identify potential partners, and learn about how to partner from existing partnerships. In Indonesia, we have developed the following:

LIST OF PARTNERSHIPS that includes brief descriptions by company and by NGO partner on who is partnering where and on what topic and their outcomes.
View List of Partnerships by companies and NGOs.

SUMMARIES OF PARTNERSHIPS that describe the presentation at the session of Education and Business Forum. 
Read the Summary of Partnerships.

CASE STUDIES of partnerships that describe the dynamics of partnerships including how they start, are implemented, and their results.  
Read more on Case Studies.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PAGE is a dedicated page in The Jakarta Post about partnership case studies between companies, NGOs and communities. Read more about the Community Partnership Page.

SPECIAL INTEREST MEETINGS that feature discussions on specific health-related issues and partnership opportunities.  
Read more on Special Interest Meetings.